Resin Driveways

The resin bound stone creates a long-lasting, even, anti-slip, permeable surface. It is achieved by carefully coating each stone with clear resin. Each stone can have a different shape and colour and covering them with resin not only keeps them together, but also protects them.

The aggregate – stone – is mixed on site, it’s a cold mixture which then is applied on a base. Base has to be sturdy, like concrete, asphalt, old paving slabs, even stone.

Depth of a resin bound depends on the requirements, on average it is 12-20mm, applied by hand for precision and quality finish.

Why use resin bound?

  • Low maintenance.
  • Permeable, reducing the risk of unwanted puddles and localised flooding.
  • Waterproof, for added durability.
  • Non slip surface.
  • The surface is smooth, reducing the risk of tripping and it makes it pushchair and wheelchair friendly.
  • UV resistant, so the colour lasts longer than on composition created with exposed stone.
  • No weeds can go through, so you do not have to worry about it becoming untidy.

Areas We Cover

● Scotland
● Cumbria
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● Edinburgh

● Glasgow
● Inverness
● Perth

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