Surface Dressing

The Importance of Road Surface Dressing

Water is very damaging to the roads, especially when it seeps under the highway. That is why road surface dressing has to be done regularly to prevent damage to the roads. This is due to the fact that water softens the soil by allowing roads to flex. When this flexing occurs on the road surface materials cracks, and this makes the issue worse. This is where you find potholes on your road, and you must take preventative measures to prevent this situation from happening. Surface dressing helps the road to remain waterproof.

The ability to prevent skidding on roads is also important for ensuring the safety of road users. That is why regular highway surfacing services are done on most highways to prevent skidding and road accidents. However, this is influenced by the kind of materials used for the upper part during road construction and also the road roughness, especially when it is wet.

Surface Dressing In Inverness Scotland

Surface Dressing In Cumbria and Scotland

Surface Dressing In Scotland

Road surface dressing has been established as the solution to all these issues. Through tar spraying with bitumen and then pressing in stone chippings inside the surface dressing binder application, roads are sealed against further seepage of water. This practice also helps to improve road surface texture due to the new layer that was added.

The Surface Dressing Process is affected by the Weather

There are certain times of the year you cannot do a bitumen spray application on your road. This is because if when road is too cold or too hot, the surface dressing binder application will not be able to hold all the stone chippings down. Moreover, the process should also be postponed when the target road section is still wet or when it starts to rain heavily after work has commenced. In effect, you must always be aware of what weather is being forecasted in the days to come after starting the work and make sure to stop if there is going to be some heavy rain within 24 hours.

If you are living in Cumbria or Scotland and would like to get some road surface dressing services, contact us today and refurbish that road before it gets any worse and develops huge potholes.

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