Tarmacadam is a term that may not be familiar to some. Nowadays, common usage has shortened this word to tarmac, which is a term that people might be more familiar with. Essentially, tarmacadam is a type of construction material that is used for the surface of roads, pavements, tennis courts and more.

The macadam portion of this term refers to rocks, which have been crushed, so that they can be spread over a surface. In the earlier days of road construction, this macadam layer would not last very long because of the weathering effects of the elements and continued erosion from water. The road surface would also kick up a lot of dust from this rocky layer, which was a great inconvenience. Tarmac was an improvement on the previous method, where tar was applied both underneath and above the crushed rock, in order to keep it in place, seal the outer surface of the road, and offer weather and waterproofing.

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Here at Advanced Tarstone Ltd road contractors in Scotland, we have the expertise, experience and equipment to handle all of your tarmacing needs. We can create durable and smooth surfaces for farm roads, tennis courts, forecourts, other residential pavements, and more. Whether your surface needs involve industrial, commercial, domestic or other types of property, we are more than capable of providing you with tarmac that is robust, has a high longevity, and that looks good.

More specifically, we generally create tarmac in two layers. There is the base coat, which is the thicker of the two, and which serves as the rougher under layer. And then there is the wearing coat above it. This second finer layer helps to ensure a longer life for the finished surface by protecting it from the elements, as well as allowing water to more easily run off.

You can rest assured that the tarmac we provide will be constructed to a high level of quality. Our firm is composed of experts and road contractors with more than thirty years in the field of surfacing and paving, so this is the kind of knowledge that will be leveraged for your construction needs. As far as our track record is concerned, we have successfully carried out road repairs (Cumbria and elsewhere), road surfacing (Cumbria and elsewhere), and we have provided needed road contractors (Scotland and elsewhere) for various projects. We also make it a point to use modern and up-to-date equipment and machinery, so that our clients benefit from advances in the construction industry.

If this is something that you are interested in, please do get in touch with us today. We would be happy to discuss your paving needs, and we also offer free no obligation quotes. This is true whether the project involves something from a minor pothole tarmac repair to a much larger complete road surfacing project. We have offices in Carlisle and Glasgow, and our firm stands ready to serve customers within the entire United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as some parts of Europe. We hope to hear from you soon.

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